4 Benefits of a Listen First Mindset

Lets be honest, we have all overreacted to situations and have caused more harm then good.  What If I told you there was a better way?  A way to react in every situation that not only would decrease your stress level but increase the respect people have for you in the community.


For people to take you seriously in any conversation you must learn the art of listening.  I take listening serious, I want that stare deep into your soul and feel your heart beating kind of listening.  That I can recall every movement your eyebrows made when you talked kind of skills.  That painful attention to detail will net you benefits that will last a lifetime.

Listening does a few things for you and the person in conversation with:

  1. Increases compatibility
  2. Lowers any tension 
  3. Increases the chance of a problem being solved
  4. Happy Life

Now If I would have told you all those things would happen to you at the beginning of this article by just listening you would have jumped head first off the diving board, am I right?

The are of listening, forgotten by so many, acted on daily by the super successful.  Will you make listen first, speak later a part of your daily vocabulary?

-Just a soul trying to finding a purpose-