Does this work in Real Life?

Check out this video on effectively listening, then we will get into real life examples of how listening can carry you to places previously out of reach.


Now, after my first post you are probably wondering, does this work in the real world?  Everything sounds gravy on pen and paper, (or on the internet).  I am here to tell you today, YES, I believe 100 percent in the principal of listening, let me show you why…

Let me introduce you to Greg.  Greg has been a great mentor in my life and the guy who really taught me how to listen effectively.  When you are looking for mentors, always look for ones that have built the business, have the relationships you want, the money you desire.  Always reach up!

Now I know Greg has applied this principle in his life because he has built the successful company.  You can check him out at

Greg runs a pool service company where listening is a HUGE part of the business.  He must have a listen first attitude with customers, employees, contractors, and other businesses.  He must listen first and react second.

For example, a story Greg told me one time went like this….

A lady called up to the store one day, yelling, cussing, and screaming at Greg.  Now Greg could have easily hung up, screamed back and got angry. But because he has adopted the listen first attitude he did exactly that and listened. He then agreed with the angry customer, he agreed that she wasnt being treated fairly and that this situation was not acceptable by his standards.  When this happened quickly the wall of anger dissipated and the lady became very reasonable.  Greg was able to solve her problems, keep her as a customer and most importantly keep her a happy, loyal customer.

Learn from Greg as I have throughout the years. Listen first, react second and always agree with the client.

Apply these principles in your next interaction and let me know how it works for you.